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Creative Concepts by Native Garden Nursery

Garden Ponds
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Water features in gardens have always been popular and are becoming more so with a trend toward ‘natural’ style gardens. Whether large or small, garden ponds have the benefit of attracting visitors such as birds and frogs, allowing you to keep small fish, providing an air of tranquillity in the garden and allowing you to use plants that might not be suitable in other areas of your garden.

Reflections and light playing on the water are features that come as an added bonus. To enhance the area yourself you may use rocks, sculptures, moving water or lights. Strategically placed, these, along with plants can have a stunning effect. Keep it simple and try to reflect what nature might do if it had a chance to create its own pond. Perhaps add some elements of design to make the pond a focus point or even some quirky sculpture to create something unique!

Building the basis of a pond will require some expertise from a tradesman with the know-how but the finishing touches and turning it into part of your garden will rely on your imagination. Experiment and have fun!

Plant Suggestions for Garden Ponds
  Botanical Name Common Name
  Plants that grow up to 1m  
  Botanical Name Common Name
  Astelia chathamica Silver spear
  Blechnum capense Kio Kio Fern
  Blechnum discolour Crown Fern
  Gaultheria antipoda NZ Snowberry
  Haloragis erecta Bronze Toatoa
  Hibiscus trionum Puarangi
  Leptospermum Tui, Huia, Kiwi Dwarf Manuka
  Mysotidium hortensa Forget-Me-Not
  Pachystegia insignis  
  Parahebe Rock Daisy
  Phormium cookianum & hybrids Flax
  Phormium tenax & hybrids Flax
  Sophora Dragons Gold Dwarf Kowhai
  Sophora prostrata Prostrate Kowhai
  Plants that grow 1m - 3m  
  Brachyglottis repanda purp. Purple Rangiora
  Carmichaelia odorata Broom
  Clianthus spp Kakabeak
  Corokia spp Korokio
  Leptospermum hybrids Manuka
  Lophomyrtus spp  
  Macropiper excelsa Kawakawa
  Macropiper melchoir  
  Myrsine divaricata Weeping Mapou
  Olearia cheesemanii  
  Phormium cookianum & hybrids Flax
  Phormium tenax & hybrids Flax
  Pseudowintera colerata Pepper tree
  Plants that grow 3m +  
  Cordyline australis Cabbage Tree
  Cyathea dealbata Silver Fern / Ponga
  Cyathea medullaris Mamaku
  Dicksonia squarrosa Wheki
  Pennantia corymbosa Kaikomako
  Pseudopanax crassifolius Lancewood
  Pseudopanax ferox Lancewood
  Schleffera digitata Pate
  Aceana buchananii Bidibidi
  Aceana inermis purpurea Purple Bidibidi
  Arthropodium Renga Renga Lily
  Coprosma acerosa Sand Coprosma
  Coprosma Kirkii Variegata Coprosma (mat)
  Coprosma Kiwi Gold Coprosma (mat)
  Coprosma prostrate Coprosma (mat)
  Coprosma Taiko Coprosma (mat)
  Disphyma australe NZ Ice Plant
  Fuchsia procumbens Prostrate Fuchsia
  Geranium traversii Chatham Island Geranium
  Gunnera prorepens  
  Helichrysum spp Everlasting Daisy
  Isotoma fluviatilis  
  Jovellana sinclairii violacea  
  Leptinella spp Bachelor Buttons
  Leptospermum Red Falls Prostrate Manuka
  Leptospermum Wairere Falls Prostrate Manuka
  Pimelea prostrate Blue NZ Daphne
  Pratia angulata Panakenake
  Scleranthus biflorus  
  Selliera radicans  
  Aneanthele lessoniana Bamboo Grass
  Carex spp Sedge Grasses
  Chionchloa flavicans Snow Tussock
  Cortaderia toetoe Toe toe
  Dianella nigra NZ Blueberry
  Festuca coxii  
  Juncus spp Rush
  Machaerina sinclairii Broad-leaved Sedge
  Poa cita Silver Tussock
  Uncinia rubra Sedge Grass



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